Clinic for gynecology

Center for gynecological surgery in Kaiserswerth

The patient is always at the center of our efforts!

The primary goal of all employees at our clinic is to provide the best-possible treatment and care for our patients. For years we have oriented ourselves along the most modern medical knowledge and aligned ourselves, both scientifically as well as clinically, with current international standards.

Our clinic regularly performs all standard gynecological procedures and particularly emphasizes the operative treatment of gynecological cancer disease, especially far advanced carcinoma.
The department exhibits a high level of expertise as our highly qualified team consists of a specialist physician for urology and general surgery as well as of four specialist physicians, who have earned the additional designation emphasis for gynecological oncology and completed an advanced medical examination, specializing in the area of cancer disease in women. The manager of the gynecological cancer center is a member of one of the most renowned international societies, the Society of Pelvic Surgeons