Gynecological Cancer Center

What matters most!

Nowadays the treatment of all cancer types almost everywhere in the world has been standardized and stipulated through scientific studies and guidelines. However, the skill and ability of the operating surgeon cannot be regulated!

No matter which center you go to, you should ask the clinic of your choice the following questions:

  • How many operations are performed at the clinic?
  • Are surgeries always performed by a specialist? E.g. ovarian cancer team
  • Is a second opinion offered?
  • How is the quality of the surgical result verified (complementary photo- and video documentation in addition to surgical report)?
  • What special qualifications do the members of the surgical team have?
  • Does the clinic orient itself along national and international standards?
  • How important are minimally invasive surgeries for gynecological oncology?
  • Are the attained results displayed transparently?
  • How is advanced training ensured?
  • Are the proposals of the tumor conference based on the latest scientific results (evidence-based medicine), and is this recorded?
  • Is it possible to participate in studies?

We will gladly provide you with answers to all these questions and explain how these measures are implemented when you come to our clinic as a patient.

Cancer of the cervix (cervical carcinoma)

Endometrial cancer (endometrium carcinoma)

Ovarian cancer (ovarian carcinoma)

Vaginal cancer (vaginal carcinoma)

Cancer of the labia (vulvar carcinoma)